International Pilot Proficiency Information (IPPI) Card

 The IPPI card was introduced in 1992.

Since then, national associations and pilots throughout the world have benefited from its internationally recognised standards.

The card provides a standard reference by which all national rating programs may be compared.

The Delta Pro (for hang gliding) and/or Para Pro (for paragliding) stage on the card reflects the pilot proficiency. For the pilot who flies outside of his known or local area, it is a quick and easy method of providing proof of flying experience and proficiency.

When a pilot travels abroad, the IPPI card - together with the national rating card - will identify the pilot skills. It gives flying site managers, instructors and others responsible for hang gliding and/or paragliding flight operations an easy way of verifying the pilot experience level prior to approval of flight activities.

The card is valid only together with a current national licence or rating card.

 Since October 2015, the IPPI Card is available in two ways, according to national federations’ choice:

1 – Per IPPI level.

The Card is physical, bought and sold by the national federation to pilots who ask for it.

It is not necessary to renew the card except when a change in the pilot national licence invalidates the IPPI card. For example, if the pilot receive a higher national ranking which corresponds to a higher stage in the Delta Pro or Para Pro system, a new card should be issued.

2 – Per year.

The Card is a logo on the pilot national license. The federation has agreed to issue the Card to all its licensed pilots for a small yearly fee. Licenses are renewed every year, so your IPPI level can be adjusted accordingly.

France, Italy, Hungary and Serbia have adopted the new scheme in 2015.


  • Please note that the card does not give any insurance cover.
  • Please also remember that flight safety is ultimately the pilot own responsibility.
  • CIVL encourages all pilots to use the IPPI card.
  • CIVL would like all national hang gliding and paragliding associations to promote this card. To this end, it recommends that an IPPI card information pack should be sent out with all license and membership applications, as well as registered hang gliding and paragliding schools and clubs.

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