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The articles in this section are just a subjective selection of typical concerns, more articles or presentations (still subjectively chosen...) directly here:

Luck, Longevity and the Limits of Skills - John Halle (USA) 1995
Human Factors in Soaring - Ian Oldaker (CDN) 1999 (p 10, 11 & 13)
An Alternate View - Risk Management - Bob Weien (USA) 1999
Do Skydivers Care About Safety - Bill Booth (USA) 2003
Brief Recommendations for Preventing Omission Errors - David O'Hare (NZ) 2004
Human Factors Engineering - Rollin Fairbanks (USA) 2007
Happened Recently on an Airfield - Martin Feeg (D) 2010 (p 35)
Glider Accident
- Peter Kelly (USA) 2012

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