Helmets for Paragliding

Helmets for Paragliding

Wearing EN 966 certified helmets has been mandatory in Cat. 1 events since 1 January 2010. This List of Certified Helmets is believed to match EN 966. However, recent research has shown that a significant proportion of the brain damage from impacts is from rotational forces, from which current helmets offer no protection, when technologies such as MIPS are available today in snow sports.

To offer the certified protection level, it is critical that helmets fit well and securely, and be replaced regularly. To encourage that, a selection of helmets in more sizes and models at a lower cost will make them more available. From 1 May 2014, all pilots in Cat. 1events must wear a helmet certified to either EN 966 (airsports), ASTM 2040 or SNELL rs98 (snow sports) at all times while flying.

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