List of EN966 Helmets

List of Helmets Currently Used in Airsports Which Are Claimed to Be Certified to EN966

Last updated: 2 July 2013

* Not allowed in Category 1 Championships

ManufacturerModelFull Face/
Open Face
Certification Claimed
Air Extreme (APCO) Cloudchaser FF EN966
FreeAir2 OF EN966
FreeAirCom2 OF EN966
Charly Insider FF EN966
Air control OF EN966
No Limit FF EN966
No Limit Jet OF EN966
Breeze OF EN966
Loop OF EN966
Ace OF EN966
Icaro 4-Fight LT Jet OF EN966
4-Fight LT Integral FF EN966
4-Fight Cut Integral FF EN966
Grid Integral FF EN966
Grid Jet OF EN966
Grid Cut Integral FF EN966
Cut 3 FF EN966
Fly OF EN966
Sky Runner FF EN966
Iguano OF EN966
Skin OF EN966
Independence HI-tec FF EN966
Lazer X-Stream FF EN966
B-Cool OF EN966
Downhill FF EN966
Jetstream OF EN966
Microavionics MM021 OF EN966
MM001D OF EN966
MM020A-N OF EN966
MM001B OF EN966
Ozone Nutshell OF EN966
Plusmax PlusAir OF EN966
PlusAir FF EN966
Sup'Air Evolution OF EN966
Evolution FF EN966
Lubin Aero OF No *
Full Face FF No *
Integra FF No *
Race FF No *
Open Face OF No *
Maxim OF No *
Suchanek OF No *

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