Our FAI Champions!


World and Continental Champions in Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Paragliding Accuracy and Aerobatics… Winners of the World online Cross Country contest… They are our best pilots, men and women, and they are all here!

FAI Today Champions


Paragliding Accuracy


 Hang Gliding Class 1

Hang Gliding Class 2 and 5


FAI Champions of the past


Paragliding Accuracy


Hang Gliding Class 1 - Men

Hang Gliding Class 1 - Women

Hang Gliding Class 2 and 5


Today FAI Champions


FAI World Champions


  • Jérémie Lager (FRA)
  • Women – Klaudia Bulgakow (POL)
  • Team – France
JeremieLager  KlaudiaBulgakow

Hang Gliding Class 1 

  • Manfred Ruhmer (AUT)
  • Women – Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER)
  • Team – Italy
Manfred2013small  Corinna2013small  

Hang Gliding Class 2     

  • Manfred Ruhmer (AUT)

Manfred Ruhmer

Taking off in Austria

Hang Gliding Class 5     

  • Alex Ploner (ITA)

Alex Ploner

Landing field in Austria

Paragliding Accuracy   


  • Sheng Guangqiang (CHN)

  • Women –Milica Marinkovic (SRB)

  • Team – Czech Republic


Paragliding Aerobatics 

  • Solo – Raul Rodriguez (SPA)
  • Synchro – Raul Rodriguez / Felix Rodriguez (SPA)

Raul Rodriguez  Felix Rodriguez

Getting speed

Hang Gliding Aerobatics 

  • Jon Gjerde (NOR)

Jon Gjerde

 Wing Over


FAI European Champions


  • Yassen Savov (BUL)
  • Women – Nicole Fedele (ITA)
  • Team – Austria

Hang Gliding Class 1


  • Alessandro Ploner (ITA)
  • Women – Corinna Schwiegershausen (GER)
  • Team – Italy

ChampAlessandroPloner2009  Corinna Schwiegershausen


Paragliding Accuracy

  • Dimitar Ralev (BUL)
  • Women – Milica Marinkovic (SER)
  • Team – Slovenia



FAI Asian Champions



  • Kamiyama Taro (JAP)
  • Women – Hiraki Keiko (JAP)
  • Team – Japan  


Paragliding Accuracy

  • Yoshiki Oka (JAP)
  • Women – Mizuho Tohbu (JAP)
  • Team – Indonesia


FAI Pan-American Champions



  • Marcelo Prieto (BRA)
  • Women – Kamira Rodrigues-Pereira (BRA)
  • Team – Brazil


 (Pictures are coming from different sources, one of them being the wide world web where it is not always possible to find the authors of said pictures. Thanks to Denis Balibouse and Red Bull for the aerobatics ones. Also pictures from Didier Mathurin, Martin Scheel, Stéphane Malbos... Pilots! Insert a picture of you in the WPRS database and we will use it here!)