István Sípos
Date of Birth: 30 June 1951
When I was young I lived in a city in Hungary where there was an air base, and a parachutist unit also stationed there. There was also a sport airfield where I started my parachutist training, and had my first jumps. So it was evitable that I continued in the parachutist unit for my jumping. Hungary organised the world championship in style and accuracy in 1974, so I worked there as a volunteer. Later I became a member of the Fellowship Association of Hungarian Parachutist (FAHP), and we organised the meeting of the Union Européenne des Parachtutists (UEP) in Hungary in 2009.
Today I am not any more an active parachutist, unfortunately being a diplomat stationed in different countries makes it not possible to be actively involved in parachuting. So I participated as head of delegation in different competitions just to mention to recent events in the region in Niksic (Montenegro) Kikinda (Serbia) and Dubai (UAE), where the Hungarian team won the bronze medal in accuracy landing.
Where I am currently working, Kosovo, no air sports exists since the air space is not fully free due to NATO KFOR presence. But in 2011 Hungary had the EU-Presidency our civilian parachutists jumped on Europe-day, and in 2012 during KFOR summer festival once more again Hungarian parachutists descended from the sky. I do hope that was not the last occasion, when the citizens of Kosovo saw civilian parachutists over the sky.