Ron Miasnikov
Date of Birth: 07/10/1968
Skydiving since: 2001
Number of Jumps: 3000+
I started jumping in May 2001, 8 years after I had decided I wanted to skydive – it took me that long to realise that waiting for the right time or the needed fortune would not help me get there.
I fell in love with the sport immediately and I decided then it was what I wanted to do.
In October 2002 with 200 jumps I went to Eloy and I spent about 3 years then (on and off) and obtained by AFF rating, rigging ticket and got educated by the best of the best. In between I was jumping and working in Italy.
At the end of 2005 I returned to Israel since then I have been working to bring Israeli skydiving to a point where it is affordable, professional and acknowledged.
I am now the Secretary of the Israeli Skydiving Association, and AFF Instructor/Examiner and a Rigger.
When asked what she felt was her greatest achievement; what had given her the most pleasure, she answered « Skydiving ».