Jan Fridrich
Studied Aircraft Design at Brno Technical University (Dipl.Ing.), 1989-1994 worked at Let Kunovice in strength calculations department, later worked as a Certification Manager for L23, L33 and L420 programs, responsible for contacts with foreign Civil Aviation Authorities, successful certification of the L33 glider in the USA and UK. 1994-1997 Andersen Consulting - Senior Consultant in process/products 1998 ZPS-SYSTEMS a.s., CAD design of 3D models for automotive and consumer products industry 1999 LET Aeronautical Works, Research & Development Designer Work on LM-200 Loadmaster project 2000-2002 Evektor-Aerotechnik, Marketing Manager Evektor Raven 257, EV-97 Eurostar, EV-97 VLA Harmony projects 2002-2006 Service Manager and later Head of service departement supporting EV-97 Eurostar, EV-97 VLA Harmony, Sportstar, VUT 100 Cobra 2007 – present Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic – Vicepresident Foreign Affairs, Industry and Internal Audit 2008 – 2009 Europe Air Sport Programme Manager 2011 – present Chairman LAMA-Europe – European Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association FLYING ACTIVITIES 1980-1988 glider pilot From 1990 Microlight pilot From October 2004 1.vicepresident European Microlight Federation From February 2006 member of EASA MDM032 Working Group From October 2007 member of EGAST – European General Aviation Safety Team From 2012 member of EASA Task Force for GA EDUCATION Technical University in Brno Subjects: aircraft design Graduated: 01-06-1989 Secondary Technical School in Uh. Hradiště Subjects: mechanical engineering