Raymond Williams
DOB: 12/04/1947
Skydiving since: 1965
Number of Jumps: 1 150
1970’s competitor in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings; Formation Skydiving 4-way and 10-way speed.
Jury Member at FCE for Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings x 1 and Canopy Piloting x 1.
Judging: An International Judges since 1976 with ratings in all disciplines.
Judged all disciplines at FCEs both World Cups and World Parachuting Championships.
Event Judge at FCEs in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings; Formation Skydiving; Artistic Events and Canopy Piloting.
Chief Judge at FCEs World Cups x 2 and World Parachuting Championships x 1 in Artistic Events.
When asked what he felt was his greatest achievement; what had given him the most pleasure, he answered « Kept me out of jail (seriously) ».