Geoffrey W. McCarthy
Brief Summary of Qualifications • USAF Physician, Flight Surgeon. • 4000+ hours as Fighter Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Combat Pilot, Aeromedical Researcher. - One of only 100 Military Pilot – Physicians in the world. - One of a handful of pilots experienced at aeromedical and safety research in the air. • Royal Air Force Medical-Officer (Pilot) and Instructor Pilot. • Laboratory and In-flight Aeromedical Scientist. - Six years research experience in USAF and British aeromedical laboratories. - Proficient in research design, database analysis, and evaluating validity of conclusions. • Air Force Base Healthcare System Commander at three bases. • Healthcare manager for state-wide network. Areas of Expertise 1. Psychophysiology and human factors of individual and group performance. 2. Aviation safety, accident analysis and prevention. 3. Patient Safety in healthcare systems 4. Human acceleration and impact tolerance, ejection seat performance. 5. Aircrew health and preventive medicine. 6. Airsickness causation and treatment. 7. Fear of flying causation and treatment. 8. Human subject use in research. Specific Competencies 1. Psychophysiology of human performance: Highly experienced at determining the combined effects of the stresses of high performance flight: orientation, workload, acceleration, and altitude. • Studied, flew, taught the interaction of physiology and workload demands in F-16. • Designed, flew experiment to prove decrement in positive g tolerance from negative g. • Designed, flew experiment to prove that pilot may falsely feel inverted after take-off. • Project pilot in experiment to prove heat-load safety of occlusive anti-g ensemble. • Evaluated in-cockpit mobility with occlusive anti-G ensemble. • Analyzed USAF G-induced Loss of Consciousness (GLOC) accidents. • Analyzed USAF disorientation accidents. • Designed system for tracking pilots’ eyes in cockpit. - Proved wearing electrodes safe during ejection. • Analyz