Agúst Gudmundsson
Agúst has been flying hang gliders since 1986. In 2001 he started paragliding and has been flying both hang and paragliders in recent years. He also has a PPL licence since 1995. In 2003 he built a Skyranger ultralight and has been flying ultralights since then together with all other flying. For the last 15 years he has been organizing and running HG and PG competitions most of which have been FAI Cat2 competitions and also acting as an instructor. Agúst has 4 children, and most of the family are also flying paragliders (wife, two sons and his son's girlfriend). He has been working as a manager of a software house since 1981. Since 1997 Agúst has attended CIVL plenary meetings and in Guatemala 2005 he was elected as a Vice President. Agúst is also acting as a vice president of the Icelandic NAC.