Bernard Nicolas
Date of Birth: 04/06/1952
Skydiving since: 1986
Number of Jumps: 1500

F.A.I. Judge in Freefall Style & Accuracy Landings, Canopy Formations and Canopy Piloting. President of the French Judges Committee for the French Parachuting Federation.
I started skydiving in 1986 and practiced Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings and Canopy Formations. For 20 years I was the coach of the French Police Accuracy Parachuting Team, followed by 5 years as the person in charge of all French Police Forces parachuting activities. I stopped jumping after an accident at the French Nationals. I have been a French National Judge for 20 years and an FAI Judge for 7 years. I joined the IPC Canopy Formations Committee 4 years ago.
When asked what he felt was his greatest achievement; what had given him the most pleasure, he answered « I like everything concerning judgement, rules and working in a team. ».
I hope to see you on a Drop Zone for an FAI Competition, or perhaps in France.