Ljubisa Naumovic
Date of Birth: 05/08/1954
Skydiving since: 1970
Number of Jumps: 5 500
Start to skydive in 1970 (under 16 years old)
- First International competition in 1977 (Adriatic Cup in Vrsar)
- National Overall Champion in ’79 and ’80 of former Yugoslavia in the Classic Events (Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings)
- 5 times National Champion in 4-way (RW) Formation Skydiving
- Attended the World (RW) Formation Skydiving Championships in Mali Lošinj 1985 and in a large formation attempt of 75 (when the world record was 72).
- After 20 years returned as a Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings competitor and competed in the last few World and European Championships
- National Overall Champion is Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings for ’04, ’05, ‘11, and ’12.
- Commercial Pilot, Instructor, Tandem-Instructor
- Owner of a company for the production of Harness-Container systems Sky.