Raymond Caux
After engineer studies and 20 years as officer in the French Army maintenance, managing during 2 years a 120 person unit including a parachutes repair workshop, Raymond Caux was then technical adviser for the French Hang gliding and Paragliding Federation during 6 years, responsible of hang gliding management: communication, instruction organisation, national team leader. He has been hang gliding since 1984, member of the national team in three world championships 2003 to 2007, also practised skydiving for 25 years and some glider flights. With own experience in incidents (once forgotten to hook in and once opened reserve while aerobatic training), he has been involved in safety concerns since 2007, member of the CIVL hang gliding committee from 2009 to 2011, chairman of the CIVL safety committee, synthetising hang gliding and paragliding incidents databases, and since 2012 CIVL safety officer. Languages French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish.