Ian E. Oldaker
Mr. Oldaker started his career as an engineering apprentice with the de Havilland Aircraft Company in the UK. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from London University in 1959, he entered the nuclear research and engineering business by joining the UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), and quickly found himself in charge of the AERE’s experimental equipment at the Chalk River laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) in 1960. Three years later he joined AECL as a researcher and in 1965 moved to Manitoba where AECL had set up a new research site. There he carried out a number of experiments on nuclear fuels, becoming a fuel design expert. He worked over a number of years at AECL’s Manitoba laboratories, mainly on thermodynamics, flow-induced vibrations, and the fabrication and design of nuclear fuel. In 1980 he joined the AECL project and design offices in Mississauga, near Toronto, Ontario, where he concentrated on the performance of fuels in both research and the larger power reactors. He led teams in trouble-shooting fuel problems with research and power reactors, and became project engineer in charge of cooperative fuel research projects in South Korea and Egypt. He headed technical delegations to S. Korea and China, to work on production of power-reactor fuel for their Canadian-built power reactors, and to Russia and the US in technical negotiations, and to inspect local fuel production facilities for potential production for power reactors using local fuel supplies. He retired in 2001. Ian Oldaker’s outside interests centre on gliding which he has enjoyed for more than 40 years. He is heavily involved both nationally and internationally with the training and safety aspects of the sport. He joined the Canadian Instructors’ Committee (later integrated with the Safety Committee), and in 1977 became its chairman. He was an inaugural member of an Training and Safety Panel of OSTIV, formed in 1982, and is now its chairman. Th