José Luis Esteban
Aeronautical Activity Microlight pilot since 1991. Also practised other aeronautical disciplines like aeromodelling, hang gliding, gliding and general aviation. Competitor in national microlight competitions. Spanish championship 1995: silver medal in class WL2. Spanish championship 1996: gold medal in class WL2. Team leader in microlight FAI competitions: World Air Games 1997 (Turkey), European Microlight Championship 2002 (Hungary). President of the Microlight Commission of RFAE (the Spanish Air Sports Federation) 1996-98. During this period the competition rules were updated, the national microlight league was created, and paramotors were included as a new microlight class. Organisation of international competitions: Member of the organising committees of the 2nd World Air Games 2001 (Andalusia, Spain), the European Paramotor Championship 2006 (León, Spain), the Microlight events in the 3rd World Air Games 2009 (Turin, Italy) and the World Microlight Championship and World Paramotor Championship 2012 (Marugán, Spain). Competition director in 13 national microlight events and 3 FAI competitions: World Paramotor Championship 2005, Levroux, France (cat. 1), European Paramotor Championship 2006, León, Spain, (cat. 1) and the World Microlight Cup 2011, Villamartín, Spain (cat. 2). Appointed competition director for the World Microlight Championship 2012, Marugán, Spain (cat. 1). Microlight Commission of FAI (CIMA): Spanish delegate between 1997-98 and then since 2002. 2nd Vice- President since 2009. Active in several sub-committees: Flight Recorder Approval Committee, Section 10 Working Group. Chairman of the Internet Presence Working Group. FAI officer: Monitor (EMC 2004 – Portugal, EPC 2008 – Poland), Steward (EMC 2004 – Portugal, WPC 2007 – China), Jury member (EPC 2008 – Poland), Jury president (WPC 2009 – Czech Republic, EMC20 10 – United Kingdom). Combining my aeronautical experience with my background in information technology I have bee