Gillian Rayner
Date of Birth: 22/01/1948
Skydiving since : 1979
Number of Jumps: not as many as I would have liked
I jumped for about 10 years during which time I became a fully rated instructor and worked at club level helping new jumpers discover our sport in the days before Tandem and before AFF became a training tool. From early days I was interested in sport politics at local and then national level. I was introduced to the IPC in 1988 and with an interruption from 2002-2004 for professional reasons, have been involved ever since. I started judging in 1996 and obtained my FAI rating in 2006. I started judging CF in 2001 and obtained my FAI rating in 2010. I was an advocate for CP in France and was the first French person to obtain a CP judge rating and trained all the French judges in the discipline.
When asked what she felt was her greatest achievement; what had given her the most pleasure - she answered: I am now an advocate to bring Indoor activities to Parachuting and if this is achieved I will consider it as my retest achievement in recent years. As for pleasure, to be part of this organisation, to contribute to this wonderful sport and to have so many friends gives me great pleasure ยป.