Liam McNulty
Date of Birth: 27/02/1942
Skydiving since: 1980
Number of Jumps: 4,000 +
Brief personal history of your skydiving, positions held, competitions attended etc., achievements : I started as a Static Line (round main and front-mounted reserve) student in 1979. Loved the feeling, stuck with it and am still jumping.
I still instruct first jumpers and progressing students and hope to for a while yet.
Was Safety Officer in National Association (in Ireland) and have been involved on the IPC’s Technical & Safety Committee for over 20 years.
I have attended a number of competitions in the capacity of FAI Controller and Jury Member.
When asked what he felt was his greatest achievement; what had given him the most pleasure, he answered « Jumping into Arnhem in 2002, along with 80-year-old veterans of the 1944 jump. Fond memories, and thanks to Bob Card who arranged it». Meeting and working with good people has been a great pleasure.