Mary Anne Stevens
Aviation and FAI experience Ms. Stevens has been a balloon pilot since 1985 and a balloon ride business operator since 1986. Since 2002, she has been a juror for international competitions in both hot air balloons and gas balloons. Ms. Stevens was President of the Canadian Balloon Association for ten years until 2004, also serving as Alternate Delegate to the Ballooning Commission for several years. Ms. Stevens served as the CBA Liaison with Transport Canada for fifteen years, and, as the President of the Aero Club of Canada, continues to serve on the Canadian Air Regulations Advisory Committee. In 2005 Ms. Stevens spent numerous volunteer hours working with the FAI representative to ICAO to present the FAI position on licensing for balloon and airship pilots to an ICAO Pilot Licensing Working Group, ultimately resulting in success. Ms. Stevens has been President of the Aero Club of Canada for ten years. In 2010 Ms. Stevens served as a member of the FAI Strategy Task Force. In 2011 Ms. Stevens was elected to the Statutes Working Group, and in 2012 Ms. Stevens was elected chair of the newly-formed Working Group on women in airsports. Other related professional experience Ms. Stevens is an executive in the Canadian government, with many years of experience in researching, developing, reviewing and revising government policies and legislation. She has strong conceptual and analytical skills combined with extensive experience in consultation and a commitment to results.