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Rick Sheppe
1. Gliding · Active glider pilot since 1967. Flight instructor since 1981. Tug pilot since 1988. · Diamond Badge Nr. 6517 2. Technical · Instrument designer: consultant to Cambridge Aero Instruments, Nielsen-Kellerman Corporation and ClearNav Systems. Software developer for several glide computers, variometers, and Flight Recorders. Responsible for FR security standards and algorithms. · Functional designer of the first IGC-approved Flight Recorder · Originator of the IGC file format. · Early consultant to Flight Recorder Approval Committee 1996-1997. Responsible for some FR security standards. Originator of the idea to remove Flight Recorder specifications from the Sporting Code. · Attended numerous WGC, Pre-WGC, and EGC competitions as technical expert for instrumentation. · Barograph/Flight Recorder calibration station, instrument repairman · Member of the organization (“GNSS Expert”) at World Air Games in 1997. Advisor to the International Jury. 3. Administrative · Acting Team Captain at WGC 2003 (Poland), Team Captain at WGC 2012 (Argentina) · Member of OSTIV Working Group for Light and Ultralight Sailplanes · Former Soaring Society of America Director. · IGC positions: - IGC Alternate Delegate from USA - Annex A Committee member - Safety Pays Working Group member - Scoring Software Testing Working group member (Chairman as of May 1, 2012) - Communications and PR Committee member