Graham Brown
Electrical Engineer Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from University of NSW Sydney Australia. Aviation background: Active Glider pilot and instructor for 35 years. Private pilot but not active at the moment. Currently constructing RAA aircraft at home. Currently the Airspace and Airfields Officer for NSW Gliding representing gliding at the CASA hosted industry airspace meetings. (RAPAC). Professional background: Many years ago he worked for manufactures and developers of avionics as a design engineer. The systems were Microwave Landing Systems and DME. He also worked for Hughes Space and Communications in USA developing satellite control systems for geostationary communications satellites. He operated geostationary satellites for the Australian domestic satellites for 10 years and also a launch support business for eastern hemisphere tracking. With the advent of mobile phones he has helped the development of GSM and 3G Cellular Networks in Australia. Mostly retired now but occasionally a consultant to telecommunications companies.