Jacqui Coetzee
Date of Birth: 26/09/1978
Sykdiving since: 2003
Number of Jumps: 982
I was born into skydiving; my mother was a skydiver and a Judge and instilled the love of skydiving at a very young age. I love Formation Skydiving and Competitions for my own personal skydiving career, but I have a passion for Canopy Piloting. I don’t swoop at all, jumping a 150 canopy, but I’ve been involved in CP in South Africa from the start and assisted in growing the discipline and awareness of the discipline within South Africa. I have been on our National Committee for 10 years in various roles and I am currently the Vice Chair of the Sport Skydivers Association and a member of the CP Committee.
When asked what she felt was her greatest achievement; what had given her the most pleasure, she answered « hosting the 2008 and 2009 CP World Championships/Cup in South Africa and being the assistant Meet Director to my Mentor Peter Lawson. ».