Code of Conduct: Air Sports and the Environment

The task of drafting Codes of Conduct for good environmental practices in air sports was given to the FAI Environmental Commission. The format adopted is based on similar codes first adopted in Germany by the Deutsche Aero Club. Each relevant Air Sport Commission (ASC) was then asked to review the codes, and agree upon the details code for its own air sport. After that, and when any such amendment was incorporated, the final version of the codes was published.

These remain living documents which can be amended with experience if required, according to the wishes of any ASC for its own detailed codes of conduct. In practice at the time of writing (December 2004) no further amendments have been sought or adopted.

Each National Airsport Controlling body (NAC) is asked to ensure the extent possible that its own Air Sport bodies or divisions will act in accordance with these codes. Several NACs have formally resolved to do so.