2013 The World Games


Cali, Colombia
25 Jul to 04 Aug 2013

Event ID

: 7562    

Event classification

: First Category Event

Type of event

: The World Games

Disciplines / Task Styles


Paragliding Accuracy


: Cali (Colombia)


: 25 Jul to 04 Aug 2013



FAI Member of the Hosting Country

World Games 2013 - Day 4: Victory for Feraric and Romanenko in Paragliding Accuracy - Closing Ceremony
World Games 2013 – Day 3: Bartholomew is the new World Games Canopy Piloting Champion - No complete round for Paragliding Accuracy
World Games 2013 – Day 2: 3 rounds for Canopy Piloting and 2 for Paragliding Accuracy
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Tetlow to present airsports events at the World Games 2013
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The World Games 2013: Get to know the air sports athletes by visiting their profiles
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Colombia takes gold at PG Accuracy World Games Test Event
Paragliding Accuracy marks the spot in Cali, Colombia
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Local Regulations
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