2015 FAI F2 European Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft


Pazardzik, Bulgaria
22 Aug to 29 Aug 2015

Event ID

: 7450    

Event classification

: First Category Event

Type of event

: Continental Championship

Disciplines / Task Styles


F2A (Speed Model Aircraft) - seniors
F2B (Aerobatic Model Aircraft) - seniors
F2C (Team Racing Model Aircraft) - seniors
F2D (Combat Model Aircraft) - seniors
F2A (Speed Model Aircraft) - juniors
F2B (Aerobatic Model Aircraft) - juniors
F2C (Team Racing Model Aircraft) - juniors
F2D (Combat Model Aircraft) - juniors


: Pazardzik (Bulgaria)


: 22 Aug to 29 Aug 2015



Event Organiser

FAI Member of the Hosting Country

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