The 2013 Paragliding World very best!


The 13th FAI World Paragliding Championship came to an end in Sopot, Bulgaria, on July 26th.

The French are the big winners with the Overall and Team titles. Poland takes the Women title.

Thanks to the organisers for their very good work and website. The following excerpts are taken from it.

"During this main paragliding event of the year 2013 we had 5 unique tasks. Each task had its special weather conditions. From first task with absolutely covered sky and slow thermals till final fifths race with strong sunny conditions which are really common for Sopot actually at this time. Each day weather became stronger requiring more and more speedy flying manner and skills from pilots. But exactly those who were able to show best self control and ability to make independent decisions and “read” weather could set the advantage from the first competition day and keep it till the end of this great championship."


  • 1 - Jeremie Lager  (FRA)
  • 2 - Charles Cazaux  (FRA)
  • 3 - Davide Cassetta  (ITA)

"These pilots demonstrated an outstanding ability not to follow the mass instincts and judge rationally. This helped them to get advantage in the first most difficult task. And later all they had to do just to keep their achievements."


  • 1 - Klaudia Bulgakow  (POL)
  • 2 - Seiko Fukuoka  (FRA)
  • 3 - Nicole Fedele  (ITA)

"During all the races we witnessed the acute competition of Klaudia Bulgakow and Seiko Fukuoka. Klaudia had a win! The third place belongs to a famous Italian pilot Nicole Fedele. Congratulations and applause for these brave ladies!"


  • 1 - France
  • 2 - Italy
  • 3 - Venezuela

"The stable fine positions of French pilots during the race have brought them a deserved victory. The Italian team has won the second place due to excellent flights of its members who twice were first in the Task results. Venezuela team have deserved the third winning place by its incomparably vivacious team spirit!"

See more at:http://airtribune.com/13-fai-world-paragliding-championship

8th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships in Leszno, Poland

W-J-gliding-leszno-201328 July to 10 August 2013 - Standard Class/Club Class

The 9th edition of the World Games 2013 is now on !

world-games-2013-opening-ceremonyThe World Games 2013 are officially underway in Cali, Colombia, after yesterday’s Opening Ceremony at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in front of more than 35.000 spectators. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos opened the event in the presence of FAI President John Grubbström, IOC President Jacques Rogge and International World Games Association President Ron Froehlich.


World Games 2013: Time to shine for AeroMusicals

aeromusicals 1AeroMusicals, an Aeromodelling discipline that combines aerobatic skills, flying precision and music, will have a great opportunity to promote itself at the World Games 2013 which will take place from 25 July to 4 August 2013 in Cali, Colombia. Two world-class AeroMusicals pilots will showcase their sport in front of thousands of spectators and TV viewers for 5 days, in between the Ju-Jitsu and Wushu events, at the Coliseo Evangelista Mora.


Glider aerobatic events in Oripää, Finland - 7th flying day

7692-7693-oripaa-fin-2013 2Today is the 7th flying day at the 16th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships and 4th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships. There is one pilot left to fly to have the first Known Compulsory for both categories completed. The forecast for today is better and the Organisers aim to have all 59 pilots to fly their free.

This picture was taken after the early morning briefing at 05:00.

2013 F3A World Cup Valle Isarco in Varna, Italy

brixen podium 20131. Gernot Bruckmann (AUT) 2. Hannes Schenk (ITA) 3. Günther Ulsamer (GER)

Tetlow to present airsports events at the World Games 2013

Regan Tetlow 3The World Games 2013 is the biggest multi-sports event of the year and features 32 sports including parachuting canopy piloting and paragliding accuracy. The great media impact of the event, which will start on 25 July 2013, will be felt worldwide. The FAI does all that it takes to promote its sports not only to the TV spectators and press readers, but also to the public attending the event. For this reason the FAI appointed Regan Tetlow as an official presenter of the airsports events at the World Games 2013.


Glider aerobatic events in Oripää, Finland - 5th flying day

7692-7693-oripaa-fin-2013Today is the fifth day of competition in Oripää, Finland, for the 16th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships and 4th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships.


17th FAI European Gliding Championships in Ostrow, Poland

ostrow 10The pictures of the competition are available on Flickr

7th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship in Issoudun, France

6714 podium issoudunThe 7th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship celebrated three new champions: the French Anne Ducarouge in 15m class, the German Christine Grote in Club Class and the strong German pilot Sue Kussbach that was awarded the gold medal in the standard for the third consecutive year.
The German team won the Team Cup.


13th International Youth Camp in Bruckberg, Germany

Chasing with map and tablet - Arne LipsCheck out the pictures of the youth camp supported by the FAI Ballooning Commission