2012 FAI European Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft in Turda, Romania

2012 - EuF1ECh2012   Senior Winners Turda-ROUA. Roux (Senior) and M. Orlova (Junior) are the new F1E European Champions - Pictures here !

20th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Battle Creek, USA

6738-WHABC battle-creek-WinnersBeautiful pictures of the competition available on Flickr

7th FAI World Paramotor Championships in Marugan, Spain

7701-W-Para-Marugan-2012Pictures of the competition on Flickr !

14th FAI World Helicopter Championship in Drakino, Russia

Drakino-helicopterThe pictures of the competition are now online !

2012 FAI European Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft in Chamblay, France

6469-2012 F3K soaring 0014All the pictures of the F3K competition are now available!

2012 FAI European Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft in Châteauroux, France

6468-Euro F3A chteauroux FRACheck out the pictures from the F3A competition (Seniors / Juniors) !

World Glider Aerobatic Championships Close in Slovakia

The 15th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Unlimited Category) and the 3rd FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships have come to a close in Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia on Saturday, August 18th, 2012.

The new FAI World Glider Aerobatic Champion (Unlimited) is Maciej Pospieszynski (below) of Poland flying a Swift S-1. Ferenc Toth of Hungary was in second place, also in a Swift. Third was Markus Feyerabend of Germany in a Swift as well.


2012 FAI World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft in Belgrade, Serbia

7413-w-F1D-Belgrade-srbBeautiful pictures of the competitions won by Lutz Schramm (Seniors) and Gabriela Kaplanova (Juniors)

2012 World Games Test Events

Pictures of the Paragliding Accuracy and Canopy Piloting competitions in Cali, Colombiapics-podium-2012

CIAM Flyer (04-2012) - Quiet Flights over Land

F7-airship-model-whiteAEROSTATS are lighter than air models. We have two main types of aerostats: Hot air balloons and Airships. Airships obtain their sustentation from gas (or from hot air), have propulsion units and can be directed.

Next, we have three types of airships:

  1. Blimps have an inflatable envelope and their shape is obtain by the pressure of the gas inside the envelope. Blimps are the most common airship models and the easiest to build
  2. Hot air airships obtain their lift from hot air produced in an inflatable envelope
  3. Rigid airships have a covered rigid structure and contain inflatable gas balloons.

Download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (04-2012) - Quiet Flights over Land in PDF format !