Saturday results at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

Saturday results_It was close contest at the 2016 FAI S World Championship for Space Models as the under 18s went head to head in the scale altitude (S5B) rocket category. Michal Bobrowski from Poland flew the highest flight with his 1:4.5 scale replica of the American Arcas rocket reaching 361m. Bobrowski said “I chose it for it’s simplicity. It’s a single stage rocket and the design is very aerodynamic.”


The Juniors at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models in Lviv, Ukraine

learning to_make_rockets“Yesterday was stressful,” says 11 year old Ashley Van Milligan. “My engine wasn’t lighting and you only have a limited amount of time.” Van Milligan is one of six under 18s competing with the American team, and one of 65 from 11 countries.


First results at the 2016 FAI S World Championships for Space Models

kreutzDSC 8069Results of today - Friday, 26 August 2016


Technology at the 2016 FAI S World Championship for Space Models

preparing for_take_off_DSC_7999

Although this years World Championship for Space Models is being held in Lviv, Ukraine, anyone with an internet connection can follow the event.


France dominating at FAI World Paramotor Championships in Popham

France is dominating the FAI World Paramotor Championships, with a huge score of 16,200 after five tasks – 4,000 points more than their closest rival, the Czech Republic. Behind the Czech Republic by only 331 points in third is Poland.


Understanding Aresti figures in Aerobatic competition

How do pilots know what aerobatic manoeuvres they have to fly when they compete?

The answer lies in understanding what are called Aresti figures.


The sun pops out at Popham

2016 08_23_CIMA_Wolfgang_Lintl_4The 2016 FAI World Microlight and Paramotor Championships in the UK shook off the weekend’s rain showers yesterday and got stuck into the competition.

In the paramotoring, pilots completed a navigation task with precision landing. In the navigation part of the task, worth 1,000 points, France’s Alex Mateos took pole position.


FAI World Microlight and Paramotor Championships: 20-27 August 2016

More than 100 microlight and paramotor pilots are in England this week, 20-27 August 2016, competing in the FAI World Microlight and Paramotor Championships. Pilots from 21 countries have converged on the local airfield of Popham, an hour southwest of London, to compete for separate World Championship medals and titles across several disciplines, in both paramotoring and microlights.


Flying the Extra 330SC Aerobatic Plane

What’s so extra about the Extra? The Extra 330SC is the most popular plane here at the FAI European Aerobatic Championships. We asked two pilots, Kenny Chiang from Hong Kong, and John Galliard, head of the judging committee at CIVA, to explain.


France Sweeps Krushevo Paragliding Euro


On the final day of the 14th Paragliding European Championship in Krushevo, Macedonia (FRY), Honorin Hamard, Seiko Fukuoka Neuville and the French team stood on the highest march of the podium, gold medals around their necks. Laurie Genovese completed the French sweep with a silver medal.