14° East Long-Distance Flight

On 15 July 2006, the Airport of Salzburg (AUT) will be the starting point of the unique long-distance flight "14° East - Salzburg-Cape Town-Salzburg".
13 aircraft from UK, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria will start a flight which will cover more than 15 000 Nautical Miles (nearly 30 000 km) to Capetown in South Africa. 6 weeks later, on 26 August 2006, the 28 pilots will be back in Salzburg, at the "Hangar 7". Participating aircraft range from a comfortable Cessna 340 twin-engine with pressurized cabin to a Dynamik WT9 microlight aircraft. In 2003, Hans Gutmann flew this route with his homebuilt aircraft, a Glasair IIS-RG OE-CGH. Hans Gutmann gathered so many impressions that he decided to make his experience in long-distance flights available to other pilots. The organization of "14° East", an FAI-sanctioned sporting event, required 2 years of preparation. Please click on the following links for further information : - On "14° East" - On the Flight Progress