2006 GAC Annual Meeting

The FAI General Aviation Commission (GAC) held its Annual Plenary Meeting from 6 to 8 October 2006 in Heraklion (GRE).

This meeting, perfectly organized by the NAC of Greece, was also attended by the FAI President and Secretary General, at the kind invitation of NAC President Evagelos Savramis. Useful discussions on a wide range of topics affecting FAI were held. Competitions : The Commission decided to revert, with effect from 2009, to separate World Championships in Rally Flying and Precision Flying. The Championships in Ried, Austria, in 2008 will be the last combined event. Elections : Mr Pedro Cabanero (ESP) was re-elected GAC President. Mr Arthur Greenfield (USA) was newly elected Vice President and Secretary, replacing Heinrich Schawalder (SUI) who retired after many years of outstanding service, warmly recognized by the Commission (see the List of GAC Officers and Delegates). Next Plenary Meeting : Cape Town, South Africa, early November 2007 (dates to be confirmed).