2008 Annual Plenary Meeting

The General Aviation Commission met in Prague (CZE) on October 17-19, during which GAC President Mr. Pedro CABANERO-MARIMON (ESP) and his bureau were re-elected to serve another year. The next meeting will take place on 6-8 November 2009 in Palma de Mallorca (ESP). GAC Delegates were brought up to date on the development of the new Air Navigation Race, designed for a Pilot and Navigator Team flying a single piston engine aircraft. Its aim is to improve fundamental flying skills; navigate and handle an aircraft under basic visual flying conditions independent of the use of technical systems thus enhancing flying safety. Rules for the race have been created under the guidance of Mr. Heinrich SCHAWALDER (SUI), Chairman of the Air Navigation Race sub-committee. The new format race is scheduled to join the list of events for the World Air Games from 2011.