12th EPFC and 6th ERFC

The event has finished. The results can be viewed by clicking on the GAC site map,on the right side of this page, and look under Championship Results.

12th EPFC and 6th ERFC in Dubnica

The 12th EPFC and 6th ERFC Championships are now underway.The events will start with Precision Flying followed by Rally Flying. The Precision Flying part of the event started officially yesterday, Wednesday 3rd. All details of the event and forthcoming results, as they emerge, are published on the official Championships´web-page http://www.dubnica2005.sk

12th EPFC and 6th ERFC in Dubnica

The 12th EPFC and 6th ERFC will be held in Dubnica, Slovak Republic, during the period 03/08/2005-14/08/2005. A great number of attendents have sign up for participation. Details may be found on the official web page http://www.dubnica2005.sk

GAC Centenary Fly-in CANCELLED

Due to the very low number of entries at the time of latest registry, May 21, the board of the GAC has decided to cancel the June 11, 2005 celebratory fly-in at Lausanne.

GAC Centenary Fly-in

A celebratory "Fly in" will be organised by the General Aviation Commission (GAC) to mark the FAI Centenary on Saturday 11th June 2005 in Lausanne, Switzerland, the home of the FAI. Click here to download participation/registration information (Word files).

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