To the victors the spoils! Swiss pilots reign at Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett 2016

Switzerland’s Kurt Frieden and Pascal Witpraechtiger (Team SUI 1) were crowned champions of the 60th...

How to survive 48 hours - or more - in a 1m2 gas balloon basket

Gas balloon racing teams often spend days in the air - sharing a tiny space and sometimes dealing wi...

CIAM Flyer (5-2016) - Flying the little machine, of course by hand

Competing in F2B is difficult Imagine manually controlling a flying object travelling at 23 metres p...

22 September 1936: The FAI World Record of Maurice Claisse

The Bréguet Dorand aircraft was an experimental helicopter which was built in the Gyroplane Laborato...

Red Bull Air Race 2016: Cristian Bolton poised to become first Chilean in the Red Bull Air Race Master Class

After making history for his nation and Latin America across three seasons of Air Racing in the ...

FAI announces DHL as new Official Logistics Partner

FAI announces DHL as new Official Logistics Partner

The FAI and DHL signed a four-year agreement today, naming DHL as the Official Logistics Partner of the FAI.

On This Day in History: Otto Lilienthal’s legacy lives on

On This Day in History: Otto Lilienthal’s legacy lives on

Otto Lilienthal, the 'Glider King' who was an inspirational 19th-century aviation pioneer died 120-years ago on 10 August 1896. We remember his legacy today…

A legend in Space: Meeting Gennady Padalka

A legend in Space: Meeting Gennady Padalka

The Olympic movement and Space exploration may not seem an obvious mix – but in fact the two came together in a sporting union in the heart of Moscow earlier this year.

FAI to develop innovative IT solutions for Air Sport Discipl....

FAI to develop innovative IT solutions for Air Sport Discipl....

The FAI Commissions and Head Office have started working on the development of new IT solutions to support the management of the three disciplines taking part in The World Games 2017 – as well as fo....

Done!  Solar Impulse 2 completes  First Round-The-World Sola....

Done! Solar Impulse 2 completes First Round-The-World Sola....

They did it! After over 12 years of research and design, Swiss pioneers Dr. Bertrand Piccard (Initiator, Chairman and Pilot) and André Borschberg (Co-founder and CEO and Pilot) finished the first rou....

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A life in aerobatics: Mikhail Mamistov

A life in aerobatics: Mikhail Mamistov

From learning to fly in 1983 in the then Soviet Union, Mikhail Mamistov has become one of the most decorated pilots in the history of Aerobatics competition. We meet the legend…

11 August 1986: The FAI World Record of John Trevor Egginton

11 August 1986: The FAI World Record of John Trevor Egginton

11 August 1986: A modified factory demonstration Westland Lynx AH.1 Helicopter piloted by Chief Test Pilot John Trevor Egginton set an FAI Absolute Record for Speed for helicopters over a straight 15 ....

Profile of a world champion: Ferenc Toth

Profile of a world champion: Ferenc Toth

Ferenc Toth has been at the top of his game since the turn of the century. The FAI Glider Aerobatics World Champion won his first major competition in 2000, aged 32. That was the FAI European Aerobati....

It’s a family affair: Jerzy and Jan Makula

It’s a family affair: Jerzy and Jan Makula

“I have four sons, Jan is the youngest. But you know, when he was very little he was afraid of flying, he would not even touch the glider.” Jerzy Makula is a legend in glider aerobatics, often cal....

Fedor Konyukhov Solo Around-The-World in a Balloon –  Official World....

Fedor Konyukhov Solo Around-The-World in a Balloon – Official World....

The FAI received the following records claims from the Russian balloonist Fedor Konyukhov, 64, who completed his circumnavigation on Saturday 23 July 2016 by landing near Bonnie Rock (AUS) in a Rozier....

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Rallye Toulouse - St-Louis du Sénégal - Toulouse

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: 11305    

Event classification

: Second Category Event

Type of event

: Other

Disciplines / Task Styles


Rally Flying


: Toulouse - Saint Louis du Sénégal - Toulouse (France)


: 17 Sep to 30 Sep 2016



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30 September 2016 2016 Carpatian Cup - Golden Autumn - World Cup - Category F2 - Control Line Circular Flight Mizhhirya (Ukraine)
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01 October 2016 2016 Kotuku Cup of New Zealand - Category F1 - Free Flight Lost Hills, California (USA)
01 October 2016 25th Open Internacional World Cup Ciudad de Valladolid - Category F2 - Control Line Circular Flight Valladolid (Spain)
01 October 2016 2016 Indianapolis - Red Bull Air Race World Championship Indianapolis (USA)
01 October 2016 2016 "Nis Open", 1.round Serbian ACC league Niska Banja (Serbia)
01 October 2016 2016 FPV Bulgaria Cup - Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
01 October 2016 2016 Kazakhstan PAragliding Accuracy Championship - ekpendi, Taldykorgan, Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)
02 October 2016 2016 FAI F3 World Championship for Model Gliders Hanstholm (Denmark)
02 October 2016 2016 Sierra Cup - Category F1 - Free Flight Lost Hills, California (USA)
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18th Coupe Aéronautiqe Gordon Bennett - St.Louis (USA) 1929

Start in St.Louis, Manion Park, September 28th      

From the Book: Die Gordon Bennett Ballon Rennen
(The Gordon Bennett Races) by Ulrich Hohmann Sr

One had returned to the place of launch of 1907 and 1910, mostly to commemorate John Wise, who had met death exactly 50 years ago, on September 29th, 1897, on a balloon flight across Lake Michigan. John Wise was the most outstanding pioneer of early aeronautics in the United States. He became famous, when he set a world record flying 803 miles in 20 hours and 40 minutes from St. Louis to Henderson (NY) on July 1st, 1859. It was a pity, that only nine balloons took part in a race to honour him. One reason for this were the high expenses, European teams had to pay for the long journey and their stay in the US, the other reason was the more and more pressing superiority of the American balloons. The GOODYEAR company had ordered their best engineers and research scientists to develop new and lighter fabrics and all three balloons of the US teams took their profit of this development. Also, the team van Orman/McCracken was equipped with the most modern navigation aids of their time and so were considered as favourites before the launch. Under these circumstances, it is astonishing, that Germany took part in the race with two balloons, other European nations had sent, if they did, just one. With Great Britain, Italy and Spain, three nations, taking part in almost every race since the beginning, were no longer present. Italy and Spain took part in one race each some years later, Great Britain did not return to the races till 1983, their interest had almost come to an end.

Public interest was also reduced. Other events seized the headlines of the newspapers. LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN had opened civil aviation between Germany and America when this airship flew from Friedrichshafen in Germany to Lakehurst in 111.5 hours under captain Hugo Eckener on October 11th, 1928. And it was just one month ago (August 28th, 1929) when the same ship had successfully finished a round the world-flight in 21 days. One day after the launch of the Gordon Bennett Race Fritz von Opel made the first successful flight with a plane, powered by rockets. That was more interesting than a gas balloons! The spectacular flights with a balloon to the stratosphere happened several years later.

One pilot in this race was the Argentinean Eduardo Bradley. He took part in the race for the second and unfortunately last time. His grand parents had lived in Boston/USA but then emigrated to Buenos Aires. Eduardo Bradley was the best known balloon pilot of South America. In 1909 he had been the first man to cross the Andes by air in a balloon, now he was the Secretary of the civil aviation authority of Argentina.

He began his trip to the race as passenger of the first airmail flight from Buenos Aires to Miami, which lasted 56 hours. The following railroad travel from Miami to St. Louis took him 54 hours. The race was unfortunately for him. Very bad weather forced him to land after about 18 hours south of Terre Haute (Indiana). A tree was in his way, both pilots were thrown overboard. His co-pilot, lieutenant Francisco J. Cadavan caught some bruses, but Bradley got a complicated break of his knee and had to stay in the Union Hospital of Terre Haute for one month.

After take-off at 4 p.m. the balloons crossed the home town of Lindbergh at low speed, heading north east. It rained without interruption and forced the competitors to dump a lot of ballast. The next day brought thunderstorms, that had to be over flown in high altitudes. Experienced Gordon Bennett pilots agreed after the flight, that this race was the most difficult since then.

Ward T. van Orman won the second time (after 1926), short but clear ahead of his fellow citizen W. E. Kepner, who had won the previous year. The fact, that the third rank was also covered by an American is unique in the history of the races an demonstrates the superiority of the American balloons. Demuyter had to be satisfied with rank 4, the two German balloons had a disappointing rank 7 and 8.

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