The first two gliding international competitions in Europe !

 8057-troffeo-torino-gliderThe gliding season is nearly to start in Europe with the first two international events that will take place in the same period, in Germany with the 2012 Teutorace and in Italy with the Trofeo Città di Torino, now in its fortieth edition.

Follow these two exciting competitions that will start on Easter Sunday (April 7th) !

Dates from the competition diary in London’s Olympic Year 2012

gliding-picture © Katja SoikkeliGliding is not yet an Olympic sport but there is plenty for enthusiasts of all levels to look forward to in this Olympic Year, 2012, even if the temporary London area no-fly zones will affect some British glider pilots during their short summer season!

A new FAI Sailplane Grand Prix series begins with qualifying events in Romania, from 29th April, South Africa, September 28th, Australia in November and Chile in December, offering a great variety of conditions and scenery across the world to challenge the best of the best pilots in competition today.


Making an early start in South America

south american chp 2012 adolfo gonzalez chavezPilots kept indoors by the northern hemisphere winter can at least enjoy following the first big international of the year, the Continental event combining the 3rd FAI South American Gliding Championship and the 59th Argentine national championships, opening in Adolfo Gonzalez Chavez, in the province of Buenos Aires, this Saturday 7th January. See www.wgc2012.com.ar.


Venues for the 2012/2013 FAI Sailplane Grand Prix Qualifying events


The calendar for the SGP Qualifying Series for 2012-2013 has been set:


7th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships: four valid days so far

5318-2011_7th_FAI_Junior_W_Gliding_Musbach_GERDespite the weather, we have had so far 4 valid days in Standard Class and 5 in Club Class at the 7th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships in Musbach, Germany. The Organisers are trying to catch every single opportunity to fly, but we already had two days with only one or two finishers. That's gliding!


News from the 16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Pociunai

6716_-_2011_egc2011_Pociunai_LIT_001After two difficult days in marginal soaring conditions, the 15m Class has now achieved 9 contest days and the 18m and Open Classes 8 contest days.

Three French pilots, Christophe Ruch, Denis Guerin and Louis Bouderlique, lead in the 15m class. Two Polish pilots, Karol Staryszak and Zbigniew Nieradka, head the 18m rankings, closely followed by the IGC Secretary, Peter Eriksen of Denmark.


16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Pociunai: All systems go!

6716_-_2011_egc2011_Pociunai_LIT_002-2Day 3 at the 16th European Gliding Championship (3rd August) saw classic racing conditions with speeds achieved in excess of 120 km/h, over courses of up to 500 kms.

Day winners were Kim Tipple (GBR) in the Open Class, and two Danish pilots Arne Boye-Moeller in the 18M and Henrik Breidahl in the 15M Classes.


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