Three journalists team up to report ICG news and activities !

IGC has now three journalists scouting for news, information and stories about our World Championships and our elite pilots ! Angela Sheard, Marina Vigorito and Jill McCaw have joined forces to combine their talents for stories and their knowledge of who’s-who in gliding circles to write blogs for the IGC website. This is a great step forward and IGC President Bob Henderson's intention is that this starts IGC on the path of being able to have refreshing and up-to-date information available about IGC “heroes” and IGC competitions and activities. If you, spectators at a FAI competition or simply gliding fans, have taken interesting gliding pictures and would like to share them with us, please do not hesitate to email them to us. We will be glad to post them in one of our social media channels ! To follow IGC activities and news in the social media, go to: