16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Nitra: Who overdid the rain dance?

Well, EGC2011 is not airborne today! The quantity of water falling past the hangar doors had to be seen and heard to be believed. Yesterday, 20th July, was declared an official rest day due to the unfavourable weather conditions though the the sun did come out over the deserted airfield in the afternoon but today, the floodwaters gushing down and lying in deep puddles on the roads and fields rival Noah's. No flying today was announced at briefing and it seems it is all due to a phenomenon which occurs only once every ten to fifteen years in these parts when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass somewhere in northern Bohemia and dumps massive quantities of water across the area as well as on the neighbours. So, 2 iffy flying days so far followed by two non-flying days and only a glimmer of hope for tomorrow so pilots are getting frustrated at not being able to build on their first days points or start to gain some! One commented, "we usually discuss our flights in the evening but now its "how was your field?" His field on Tuesday was big, safe and next to a fine road but it turned out that the fine road was the as-yet incomplete new motorway and a Herculean effort was required to coax the trailer up the steep ramps, reinforced by what pilot and crew could move between them from the heaps of material awaiting the builders next workday and an even scarier ride back down with the added weight of the glider. Final results for Day 1 are now posted and Day 2 winners were congratulated at Briefing this morning.