First competition day here at Wasserkuppe for the 4th FAI World GP Gliding Championship

The Grand Prix was born in early 2000, when the International Gliding Commission has created this new type of competition in order to make this wonderful sport more understandable to the general public, simplifying the rules and adopting a system of scoring similar to the F1. The maximum number of participants is limited to 20 and they use the same type of glider, with 15m wing span. Once in the air, all competitors start together and win the first that cross the finish line, after completing the assigned task. The gliders are equipped with a system for reading the flight data and one or more cameras. The data (altitude, ground speed and climb rate) are sent to ground and processed by a software specially created for this purpose. With few minutes of delay, they are displayed with pictures and live commentary onto a screen at the airport and in live streaming on the competition website, which makes the race very spectacular for the spectators. Please join us and follow the race on the official website. At the 4th FAI World GP Gliding Championship there are 20 pilots from 9 Nations (Austria, Australia, Chile, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Czech Rep. and Poland). The best will win!