The 4th FAI World GP Gliding Championship at Wasserkuppe Germany is valid

With the third flown task yesterday the 4th FAI World GP Gliding Championship that is held on Wasserkuppe airfield in Germany is a valid competition. With two more flying days to go we could possibly end up with 6 competition days as today the forth task could be flown. 16 of the 18 pilots managed to reach the airfield today and the finish was quite spectacular with 6 pilots approaching within only a few seconds. First today and now also in the overall ranking was Sebastian Nägel from Germany, the youngest pilot competing, followed by Giorgio Galetto (Italy) and Uli Schwenk (Germany). The pilotsThe pilotsMany people made their way to the airfield on Wasserkuppe to watch some of the best pilots of the world compete as well as to enjoy the daily program around the competition and the celebration of 100 years of gliding. Today we had a beautiful show of model gliders and tomorrow the German Glider Manufacturers will present there collection. According to Walter Herrmann, the competition meteorologist, we have a good chance to fly task 5 tomorrow. Find all the results and watch the race live at on the competition website. If you missed the race live you can watch it again on Vimeo (please be patient as it takes a few moments to load). More pictures on the FAI Flickr account.