News from the 16th FAI European Gliding Championships in Lithuania

Day 3 at the 16th European Gliding Championship (3rd August) saw classic racing conditions with speeds achieved in excess of 120 km/h, over courses of up to 500 kms. Full results are here Day winners were Kim Tipple (GBR) in the Open Class, and two Danish pilots Arne Boye-Moeller in the 18M and Henrik Breidahl in the15M Classes .

Overall, the individual leaders after 3 days are Bruno Gantenbrink (GER), Peter Eriksen (DEN) and Louis Bouderlique (FRA). We are shaping up for a tough battle for the team prize, with 5 or 6 countries very much in the running. Today, 4th August, long tasks of well over 500 km have been set for all three classes, taking some of them deep into Poland. Conditions are ideal with a very high cloudbase (over 6 000 feet) and strong thermals. Fast speeds seem highly probable. So far the Championships have run very smoothly with an excellent atmosphere, and a good hangar party organised by our generous Lithuanian hosts last night. Have a look at the pictures of the competition here!