Congratulations to Rieti's newest glider pilots

Italy's mythical Rieti airfield, home of the World Championships 1985 and 2008 and the annual Mediterranean Cup competition, is working hard training a new generation of glider pilots, some as young as 17.

27th and 28th December saw the final group of Rieti's 2011 entry of 19 new pilots achieve their Italian "brevetto", a gliding licence awarded only after tough flying tests and examination by ENAC (government aviation) inspectors. Several more student pilots hope to receive the coveted brevetto in the next few weeks. So congratulations to Stefano Bianchetti, chief instructor at the Aeroclub di Rieti "Alberto Bianchetti"(his renowned father), his dedicated and highly experienced volunteer instructors, and to all their fledglings, wishing them a long, successful and safe flying career in Italy's glorious skies. Three pilots have also successfully completed PPL training.

Rietis newest glider pilotsPictured from left: Examiner Commandante Ermanno Ronchetti, Examiner Commandante Stefano Bianchetti, successful students Roberta Silveri, Alessandro Crociani and Paolo Marveggio.