Sporting Code Section 3 - Updates for 2013

Postit Sporting Code CIAM

Section 3 (Gliding) of the Sporting Code has been published for 2013.

The effective date of the main section is 1 October 2013.

Section 3 (main section) Publication History
18.09.2013      Original publication
25.09.2013      Erratum: Para. 6.5.8d deleted
12.11.2013      Erratum: Para. 6.4 modified
06.12.2013      Erratum: Para. 6.5.6c modified


The effective date of Annex A is 5 December 2013

Annex A Publication History
05.12.2013      Original publication


The effective date of Annex C is 1 October 2013

Annex C Publication History
07.12.2013      Original publication


Here are links to the current versions of Section 3 and its annexes:

Sporting Code Section 3 - Edition 2014  (1.04 MB)20 September 2014
Annex A  (221.97 kB)01 October 2014
Handicaps  (121.64 kB)01 October 2014
Annex B  (217.59 kB)22 September 2014
Annex C  (806.75 kB)24 September 2014

Proceedings from the 2nd EGU Workshop on Club Development


In addition to its excellent work in government relations, the European Gliding Union (EGU) engages in analysis and outreach on a variety of gliding topics.

At this year's Workshop on Club Development, authors Alison Randle, Arne Wangsholm, Claus Nedergaard Jacobsen, and Robert Danewid presented their analyses and views regarding the challenges gliding clubs face in attracting, serving, and keeping members.

Their conclusions make interesting reading for glider pilots everywhere, not just in Europe!

The Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Club Development have been published.

6th FAI Sailplane Grand Prix series

The FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) is pleased to announce the venues for the 6th FAI Sailplane Grand Prix (SGP) series. The seven venues for the Qualifying Grand Prix events, which will be held in 2014 and 2015, are :


Zar event completes 5th Grand Prix series

FAI SGP Zar 2013The 5th Sailplane Grand Prix series was completed in July this year with the successful event at Zar in Poland, all the results and news of the events can be seen on the new Sailplane Grand Prix web site at www.sgp.aero.

The new SGP web site has been developed during the last SGP series and all future events can be found on this site. The SGP team is now turning its full attention to the 5th SGP final to be held at Sisteron in France in May 2014 a full list of the qualifying pilots can be found on the SGP web site.

The FAI Sailplane Grand Prix qualifying competitions for the 6th FAI SGP series will be held between the 1st of June 2014 and the 31st of May 2015and the 6th FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix final will be held in the latter half of 2015.

Clubs, host cities or regions interested in holding a qualifying FAI Sailplane Grand Prix and requiring more information should contact info@sgp.aero for the bid forms and conditions.

Applications to host an event for the 6th series should be submitted to the IGC at roland@sgp.aero by the 31st of October 2014.

FAI Secretary General Badan to step down from his position - Search for his replacement underway

Jean-Marc_BadanThe FAI has announced that Jean-Marc Badan is to step down as FAI Secretary General, effective 30 November 2013. The FAI Executive Board has created a high priority working group to search for his replacement. Candidates are invited to submit their written application and CV by Wednesday 25 September 2013 (12.00 CET) at the latest by e-mail to sec.gen@fai.org.


Helen Georgeson

In April, pioneering woman pilot Helen Georgeson passed away. A successful pilot, both in partnership with her ex-husband Dick and in her own right, she was an inspiration to friends, family and women pilots who came after her. Her nephew Nigel Ackroyd has put some words together in memory of an extraordinary woman.


Simplifying the Sporting Code for Gliding: Draft Wording

Postit Sporting Code CIAM

The Sporting Code Committee have drafted new wording for Section 3 of the Sporting Code.  Please send your comments and suggestions to the Committee at  igc-sporting-code@fai.org.

 Updated: July 6, 2013

Simplifying the Sporting Code for Gliding: Discussion Papers

Postit Sporting Code CIAM

The Sporting Code Committee have issued Part 1 (minimum course distances) and Part 2 (single OZ) of the Committee's thoughts on Simplifying the Sporting Code. We appreciate the responses we have been getting, and look forward to further feedback.  Please send your ideas to igc-sporting-code@fai.org.

Updated June 3, 2013: Version 4 of Part 1



New 2012 FAI Annual Report just out !

2012 FAI Annual Report coverThe FAI has released a new publication, the 2012 FAI Annual Report, designed to present the most notable achievements, developments, facts and challenges of the past year. It is meant to be a reference book for all those who are interested in air sports events and the FAI.

It includes an overview of each air sport, lists of competition results, awards and records, photographs and a lot of other useful information.


Simplifying the Sporting Code for Giding: Introduction

Postit Sporting Code CIAM

At the 2013 IGC Plenary Meeting in Papendal the Sporting Code Committee put forward a discussion paper suggesting that it was time to make a radical revision of the Sporting Code for Gliding. This was accepted and the Committee has now begun the work to achieve this.

The Committee will publish a series of several papers each dealing with a segment of the Code, to avoid confusion. The papers are not, and should not be taken, as official proposals. It is intended that a number of Year 1 proposals should come from the responses to these papers. Your assistance will be gratefully received by the Subcommittee: igc-sporting-code@fai.org



Agreements signed to promote aviation sports

fame-slideFAME, the marketing arm of FAI, the World Air Sports Federation has signed Memorandums of Understanding with the FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) and the FAI Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL).