Making an early start in South America

south american chp 2012 adolfo gonzalez chavezPilots kept indoors by the northern hemisphere winter can at least enjoy following the first big international of the year, the Continental event combining the 3rd FAI South American Gliding Championship and the 59th Argentine national championships, opening in Adolfo Gonzalez Chavez, in the province of Buenos Aires, this Saturday 7th January. See www.wgc2012.com.ar.

Competition flying begins on Sunday 8th, providing the opportunity for entries from 19 Argentine clubs, 9 European countries and USA, Colombia, Chile and Brazil to learn about the local conditions and topology ready for next year’s 32nd FAI World Gliding Championships, in World, Standard and Club classes. This combined championship is using a Standard (52 pilots of whom 23 home-grown), 15m (35 of whom 31 local) and Open Class formula (19 local and one Brazilian entry).

The largest non-Argentine team is from France with 10 entries, some of them two-seaters and includes several well-known past champions.