5th FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix Championship

5th-GP-final-sisteronThe World final of the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix to be held at Sisteron in the south of France will start with a warm up race and opening ceremony on the 8th of May and the first race will follow on the 9th.

The championship is the culmination of the world Sailplane Grand Prix series in which 20 of the Worlds top pilots qualified to engage in 7 days of competition for the title of World Champion.

You can follow the action live during each race afternoon with live race presentation and commentary in English and French, or you can catch upon the days races with a race summary presented each evening at www.sgp.aero/final2014.

News of races and results will be regularly updated on the event Facebook pages www.facebook.com/FAIWSGP2014 or via the event Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/faisgp.

Profiles of all the competing pilots can be found at www.sgp.aero/final2014/pilots_add_here/competing-pilots.aspx.

The contest will be opened on the 8th of May following an air display at 17:00 with displays from:

  • Andrea Lehmann sailplane aerobatic pilot from Skydance Airshow Team
  • Aude Lemordant as aerobatic pilot on Extra 330sc from Breitling Airshow Team
  • Cpt Pierre Varloteaux  French Air Army aerobatic pilot on Extra 330sc

Each race day there will be display flying and balloon rides from the airfield at Vaumeilh relayed to a large screen at the commercial centre of Sisteron Val Durance (Super U).

A schedule of each days events and races can be seen at www.sgp.aero/final2014/event-info/event-schedule.

During each race day free shuttle buses to the airfield are available for visitors from the Super U commercial centre and Sisteron “Office du Tourisme”.

Visitors to the site are welcome. Entry onto the aifield is FREE and directions for access can be found at in Sisteron City or on official website www.sgp.aero.

(article written by the FAI Gliding Commission)