The 2015 Plenary meeting of the FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) took place in Lausanne (SUI) from 27 to 28 February 2015.

The Minutes of the Plenary and a Summary of decisions are published in the Documents Section.

The Agenda is published in the Documents Section.   Links to the agenda items follow.


Day 1, Friday 27 February 2015

Session 1: Opening and Reports (Friday 09.00 – 10.30)

1.         Opening (Eric Mozer)

1.1       Roll Call

1.2       Administrative matters (Peter Eriksen)

1.3       Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

2.         Minutes of previous meeting, Varese 7th and 8th March 2014 (Peter Eriksen)

3.         IGC President’s report (Eric Mozer)

4.         FAI Matters

4.1       FAI’s report to the IGC Plenary.

5.         Finance (Dick Bradley)

5.1       Treasurers Report and 2014 Financial Statement

5.2       2015 Budget

6.         Reports not requiring voting

6.1       OSTIV Report

6.2       Standing Committees

6.2.1    Sporting Code Section 3D Report and 2015 version (Ross Macintyre)

6.2.2    Sporting Code Section 3D, Annex A (Rick Sheppe)

Sporting Code Section 3D, Annex A Handicaps (Christof Geissler)

6.2.3    Sporting Code Section 3D, Annex D (Brian Spreckley) (Added 10 February 2015)

6.2.4    Air Traffic, Navigation, Display Systems (ANDS) Report (B. Smith)

6.2.5    GNSS Flight Recorder Approval Committee (GFAC) Report (Ian Strachan) (Added 10 February 2015)

- Election of two members to GFAC

- WGS84 Ellipse radii (Added 10 February 2015)

6.2.6    Championship Management Committee Report (Dick Bradley)

6.3       Working Groups

6.3.1    Country Development (Alexander Georgas)

6.3.2    History Committee (Tor Johannessen) (Added 10 February 2015)

6.3.3    Scoring Software (Rick Sheppe)

6.3.4    Safety (René Vidal)

6.3.5    Championship Structure (Christof Geissler)

Session 2: Reports and Championships (Friday 11.00 – 12.30)

6.4       IGC Representatives

6.4.1    CASI Report (Tor Johannessen) (Added 10 February 2015)

6.4.2    EGU/EASA Report (Patrick Pauwels) (Added 10 February 2015)

6.4.3    Environmental Commission Report (Bernald Smith)

6.4.4    FAI Medical Commission (Jürgen Knüppel)

6.4.5    OLC Report (Christof Geissler) (Added 10 February 2015)

6.5       IGC Specialists

6.5.1    Trophy Management (Marina Vigorito) (Added 10 February 2015)

- Trophies Histor(Added 10 February 2015)

6.5.2    IGC Journalists

6.5.3    FAI/IGC Website - (Rick Sheppe)

7.         Championships (Dick Bradley)

7.1       Past & Future Championships

7.1.1    33rd FAI World Gliding Championships, Leszno, Poland (15m, 18m, Open)

7.1.2    33rd FAI World Gliding Championships, Räyskälä, Finland (Club, Std, 20m)

7.1.3    1st FAI World 13.5m Class Gliding ChampionshipPociunai, Lithuania

7.1.4    8th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship, Arnborg, Denmark

7.1.5    9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships, Narromine, Australia

7.1.6    34th FAI World Gliding Championships, Pociunai, Lithuania (Club, Std, 20m)

7.1.7    34th FAI World Gliding Championships, Benalla, Australia (15m,18m, Open)

7.1.8    2nd FAI World 13.5m Class Gliding ChampionshipLeszno, Poland

7.1.9    9th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship, Zbraslavice, Czech Republic

7.1.10 10th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships, Pociunai, Lithuania

7.2       Approval of Competition Officials (Dick Bradley)

7.2.1    Approval of Officials for 2015 Competitions

a.         8th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship8th, Arnborg, Denmark

b.         9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships, Narromine, Australia

c.         1st FAI World 13.5m Class Gliding Championship, Pociunai, Lithuania

d.         18th FAI European Gliding Championships, Rieti, Italy

e.         18th FAI European Gliding Championships, Ocseny Hungary

f.          1st FAI Pan-American Gliding Championship, Chilhowee, USA

7.2.2    Approval of Chief Stewards for 2016 Competitions

a.                34th FAI World Gliding Championships, Lithuania

b.               34th FAI World Gliding Championships, Australia

7.2.3    Approval of Chief Stewards for 2017 Competitions

a.                9th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship Czech Republic

b.               10th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships, Lithuania

c.                19th FAI European Gliding Championships, Czech Republic

d.               19th FAI European Gliding Championships, UK

e.         2nd FAI World 13.5m Class Gliding Championship, Poland

7.3       FAI World Air Games - Dubai 2015 (Eric Mozer)

Session 3: FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix Championship (Friday 14.00 – 15:30)

7.3       FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix Championship (Brian Spreckley)

7.3.1    2014 final Sisteron

7.3.2    Report on 6th series and Varese final

7.3.3    Progress for 7th series

7.3.4    Management and future

7.4       Sailplane Racing web-site (Brian Spreckley)

Session 4: Championship bids (Friday 16.00 – 17.30)

7.5       Presentation of bids for future championships (max. 10 minutes each)

7.5.1    35th FAI World Gliding Championships 2018 15m, 18m, Open

-    Czech Republic

-    (Bid from Poland withdrawn 10 February 2015)

Club, Standard, 20m Multiseat

-    Poland

7.6       Question to all bid presenters


Day 2, Saturday 28 February 2015

Session 5: Proposals requiring voting (Saturday 09.00 – 10.45)

1.1       Roll Call (Peter Eriksen)

8.         Proposals requiring voting (Eric Mozer)

8.1       Year-2 Proposals

8.1.1    Arrival closure (France)

8.1.2    Gate closure (France)

8.1.3    Minimum handicap in Club Class (Germany)

8.1.4    Introduction of Handicaps in the 20-meter 2-seater class for gliders modified for disabled pilots. (Poland)

8.1.5    Handicap adjustment for lightweight pilots (Annex A Committee)

8.1.6    Multiple starts (Annex A Committee)

8.1.7    Carriage of multiple Flight Recorders (Annex A Committee)

8.1.8    Prohibiting functionality of instruments (Annex A Committee)

8.1.9 through 8.1.16 Sporting Code Committee Proposals, including the following:

8.1.9   Barographs (SC Committee Report item 2. SC 1.1.7)

8.1.10  Start/finish line (SC Committee Report item 3. SC 1.2.12)

8.1.11  Simplify the Turn Point OZ (SC Committee Report item 4. SC 1.2.6)

8.1.12  Rename the 3TP task (SC Committee Report item 5. SC 1.4.2)

8.1.13  Delete 10km TP separation rule (SC Committee Report item 6. SC3 1.4.2)

8.1.14  Silver C distance – must fly at least 50km distance from a declared start point (SC Committee Report item 7. SC3 2.2.1a)

8.1.15  Extend the use of a PR to include Diamond Goal (SC Committee Report item 8. SC3 2.6.1)

8.1.16  13.5 Meter Class records. (SC Committee Report item 9. SC 3.1.4c)

8.1.17   Minimum distance in the 13.5 Meter Class

8.2       Year-1 proposals

8.2.1    Contest Numbers (Annex A Committee)

8.2.2    Maximum Take-Off Mass (Australia)

8.2.3    Allow sub-declarations for badge and record flights, SC3 (Poland)

8.2.4    Changing GPS altitude limits for Position Recorders, SC3 (Poland)

8.2.5    Changing Team Cup calculation formula, SC3, Annex A, (Poland)

8.2.6    To adjust to the scoring of competition days where almost no gliders come back, SC3, Annex A (the Netherlands)

8.2.7    IGC Ranking List, use a special formula to convert SGP results into 1000-point score, SC3, Annex D (France)

8.2.8    IGC Ranking List.  The ranking should be more dynamic, SC3, Annex D (France)

8.2.9    Country ranking based on the Olympic rules SC3, Annex D (France)

8.2.10  Delaying or Canceling the Task. SC3, Annex A 7.2.5 (Germany)

8.2.11  Start Options, SC3 Annex A 7.4.2 (Germany)

8.3       Internal Regulations proposal

8.3.1    Abstention votes (late proposal from New Zealand)

Session 6: Votes on bids (Saturday 11.15 – 12.45)

9.         Vote on bids

9.1       35th World Gliding Championships 2018

Session 7: Proposals requiring voting (Saturday 14.00 – 15.30)

8.         Proposals requiring voting (continued)

Session 8: Awards, Elections and 2016 IGC Plenary Meeting (Saturday 16.00 – 17.30)

10.       IGC awards (Eric Mozer)

10.1     Lilienthal Medal

10.2     Pirat Gehriger Diploma

10.3     Pelagia Majewska Medal

11.       Elections of Officers (Eric Mozer/Peter Eriksen)

11.1     Election of President

11.2     Election of 1st Vice President

11.3     Election of 5 other Vice Presidents

11.4     Election of Secretary

11.5     Confirmation of Committees and Committee Chairmen

12.       Announcement of date for the 2016 IGC Plenary Meeting (Eric Mozer)

12.1     Useful dates and other practical information (Peter Eriksen)

13.       Closure (Eric Mozer)


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