F2 Control Line World Cup

2014 Rankings








F2C  MAKARENKO Volodymyr / FULITKA Volodymyr  UKR


The 2014 rankings will be updated as and when the resutls are received and checked.  The F2A & F2C ranking files were updated on 17-09-14 and the F2B ranking was updated on 18/09/14 but some earlier results are still outstanding and this may affect the actual ranking places.  The F2D ranikings will be updated in the next two days.

Click on the any "year" link below for that year's full results.  The cumulative rankings for the four classes appear at the top of the list. The competition results and jury reports appear in alphabetical order of venue per upload date.

Organisers: New master Excel results files to use for your 2014 F2 World Cup results, and the F2 Jury Report Form are now available below - click on the text below "World Cup".  Please use only these files for submitting your F2 World Cup results and FAI Jury report. 

Please also note that (i) the new F2 World Cup Co-ordinator is Jo Halman. email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (ii) to use this email address to send in your results and Jury reports.