Advance Notice of the Mondial Opening Ceremony programme

The following is the rundown of the ceremony:

1- UAE National Anthem

2- FAI Anthem

3- The amazing most adventurous Sling Shot Show performed by professional performers.

4- Raging of Arabian horses with riders carrying torches and running across the show area

5- Two child narrators will walk towards the stage and will talk about  - Flying: Abbas Ibn Firnas flying act and Leanardo Da Vinci flying inventions will be shown on screen - Arabic scientists and their inventions, at the same time some giant scientific inventions will roll down on the show area - The participation of Arabic Sailors in discovering the world. At the same time, four flying boats will appear and in one of them is Aladin

6- Aladin and princess Jasmine will dance then evil Jafar with his crapes will take them apart. The magic lamp with genie will help Aladin to save his princess

7- From the air, a flying carpet will appear where Aladin and princess Jasmine situated followed by another four flying carpets with Arabic soldiers, doing some tricky moves on air

8- A huge number of performers will fill the show area while holding lamp then it will transform into giant falcon

9- Again, the two children will talk about the evolution of the Arab countries mainly GCC, UAE and the development of Dubai, suddenly, a replicate of Burj Khalifa Tower will gradually rise-up on the show area.

10- A giant flying plane will carry the two child narrators and fly out of the show area

11- A  flying guitarist will show up and will perform live on air followed by Kung Fu Act.

12- The Robot dancers will walk-in and do a choreographed and synchronized dance show

13- Followed by Multi-National Dance namely Oceana, Latin America, China, Africa, Europe and UAE local Al Ayala

14- Number of planes designed with different participated countries flag will be formed in the show area. Followed by the athlete parade.

15- The performers will hold the giant UAE National Flag then the two giant graphic pyro will be lit and display the clear images of parachuting logo and H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Dragon Dance will roam around the show area. All this act will be synchronize with grand finale fireworks display with background music.

Entry Information: Public have limited free seated places up to 3000.