Parachuting Judges

2016 FCE's Judges Panels have been selected and are listed on the Documents Page under Officials, Judges and Delegates, or follow the links below:

The Mondial, Chicago, USA - Accuracy Landing and Freefall Style Judges Panel :  Artistic Events Judges Panel :  Canopy Formation Judges Panel : Formation Skydiving Judges Panel  Speed Skydiving Judges Panel

World Championships of Canopy Piloting , Farnham, Canada - Judges Panel

World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, Warsaw, Poland - AE Judges Panel

World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, Warsaw, Poland - FS Judges Panel

World Cup & World Championships of Wingsuit Flying, Florida, USA - Judges Panel

Judge Selection for forthcoming FCE's - Please forward your list of Nominated Judges for Selection for:

Title Place Date
16th Para-Ski World Championships Austria 7-11 March 2017

Follow the links above to access the forms.-  Deadline for submission- for 2017 - 31st July 2016     Full details on the forms

An introductory video on how to use the FAI/IPC Judges video judging training tool


Judges Training Courses - 2016

Discipline Dates Venue
Accuracy & Style 17-29 July Russia
Formation Skydiving  20-24 May USA
17-29 July Russia
Canopy Fprmations
Artistic Events
Canopy Piloting
Speed Skydiving
Wingsuit Flying
AE Indoor + Dynamic 26-30 April Belgium


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Changes to the list of judges will be effective at the end of each month.

Updates and corrections to these lists have to be sent to Rina Gallo.


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