12th FAI European Formation Skydiving Championships


Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
12 Aug to 18 Aug 2013

Event ID

: 8184    

Event classification

: First Category Event

Type of event

: Continental Championship

Disciplines / Task Styles


4-Way Event
8-Way Event (Men)
VFS 4-Way event
4-Way Event (Women)
8-Way Event


: Banjaluka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


: 12 Aug to 18 Aug 2013



Event Organiser

FAI Member of the Hosting Country

Minutes of the Competitors Meeting, Artistic Events, BanjaLuka
Closing Ceremony, Banjaluka, BiH
18/08/2013 Banjaluka, BiH
16/08/2013 Banjaluka BiH
15/08/2013 Banjaluka, BiH
USA Delegation Banjaluka 2013
Sweden Delegation Banjaluka 2013
Poland Delegation Banjaluka 2013
The Netherlands Delegation Banjaluka 2013
Lithuania Delegation Banjaluka 2013
Denmark Delegation Banjaluka, BiH
Belgium Delegation - Banjaluka 2013
The Formation Skydiving Draw- Banjaluka 2013
Bulletin 1
Bulletin 2
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