15th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
28 Nov to 09 Dec 2012

Event ID

: 8450    



Event classification

: First Category Event

Type of event

: World Championship

Disciplines / Task Styles


4-Way Rotation
2-Way Sequential
4-Way Sequential


: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


: 28 Nov to 09 Dec 2012



FAI Member of the Hosting Country

Italy CF Delegation
Pictures from Prize Giving Ceremony - CF 4-Way Sequential
Pictures from Prize Giving Ceremony - CF-4-way-Rotations
Pictures from Prize Giving Ceremony - CF-2-Way
15th World Parachuting Championships in Canopy Formations, Dubai 2012
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11th Day of the Mondial, 8th December 2012
10th Day of the Mondial, 7th December 2012
5th Day of the Mondial, 2nd December 2012
End of the Mondial, 9th December 2012
Programme of Events
1st Day of the Mondial 28th November 2012
9th Day of the Mondial, 6th December 2012
7th Day of the Mondial, 4th December 2012
6th Day of the Mondial, 3rd December 2012
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3rd Day of the Mondial, 30th November 2012
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2nd Day of the Mondial 29th November 2012
Advance Notice of the Mondial Opening Ceremony programme
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China CF Delegation
Canada CF Delegation
Belarus CF Delegation
Australia CF Delegation
Brazil CF Delegation
1st Day of the Mondial 28th November 2012
Egypt CF Delegation
Tim Mace - FAI Gold Parachuting Medal Recipient
All Participating Delegations
Egypt Delegation
Today's News Monday, 26th November, 2012
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Bosnia & Hertzegovina Delegation
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