1st World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying - Day 2 - 26th May 2015

Jury Hear no evil

The first-ever all female Jury: Lidia Kosk, Karla Cole, Susan Dixon (President)

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" 

A rather appropriate phrase for any Jury

 Dynamic Results on this >>> link 

Day 2: Tuesday 26th May 2015: 18.30 hrs:

We have the minimum required to declare a Competition.  One round has been completed with all three tasks.  The weather is now beautiful - wall to wall blue skies and sunshine.  For this reason Mark Bayada (Meet Director) asked for the Jury to give permission to continue jumping until sunset (21.05 hrs), rather than finishing at 20.00 hrs as stated in the daily programme.  The Jury's decision was in favour and so another complete task will be finished tonight - the start of Round 2.  It really is hard to remember what the conditions were like at 7.00 a.m. todsy when we first arrived at the airfield, cold with complete cloud cover.

Kate Charters is conducting a Wingdsuit Flying Judge Training Course during this week, and her trainees are assisting the official judging staff with some of their more mundane duties, the concept of learning by doing, suplemented by classroom time.

Day 2: Tuesday 26th May 2015: 11.10 hrs:

The first 20 minute call for the opening round of the 1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying has hit the tannoy!  By 16.15 we had completed the second task and within 30 minutes the first load was preparing to start the final task of the round, Speed.  The upper winds are quite strong and the competitors are expecting/hoping for some good scores. 

Two jumpers received a 0 score for their distance flight, due to their failure to follow rule 5.1.4 and 5.1.5 by turning 180 degrees on exit.  Fortunately neither caused a safety issue.  So far we have had three out landings, which is quite good for Wingsuiters!




Day 2: Tuesday 26th May 2015: 07.20hrs:

The first day of competitive jumping was scheduled for a 07.00 hrs start, but the low cloud base put paid to that, so everyone is on a stand to, probably for an hour or so.

During yesterday's competitors' briefing it was determined that the tasks would be set at Time, Distance and Speed, where possible, with 9 competitors per aircraft and with 3 out per pass. There was a lot of discussion from the floor about the wearing of additional electronic devices - headphones etc - and the competitors were reminded that such devices should not be worn in case of interference affecting the FlySight, as any interference from a third-party device would void the competitors score.

The draw for the jumpers allocation of aircraft was undertaken at the end of the meeting, followed by the tagging of each jumper's wingsuit by Kate Charters and Randy Connell. This 'tagging' is to ensure that only that wingsuit is worn throughout the entire competition. Similarly the competitors brought their helmets to the Judges' room where the designated FlySight devices were affixed to each helmet by Klaus Rheinwald and his team and where they would remain on charge and under the supervision of the Judges until they were called to the flight line.

WS Briefing Klaus helmets Suit tagging
Competitors' Briefing  Affixing the FlySights
to helmets
Wingsuit Tagging


To allow adequate time for retrieving helmets and getting into their wingsuits, the jumpers are being given 20 minute and 10 minute calls in addition to the required 15/5 minute calls per IPC Competition Rules.




1st World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying - Delegations

 Wingsuit WC 1.25

Click on the country to pick up the link to their page with details of Competitors, Heads of Delegation, and Photographs


Flag Code Country
Australia AUS Australia
Brazil BRA Brazil
Canada CAN Canada
 Cyprus CYP Cyprus
 Denmark  DEN  Denmark
 Finland  FIN  Finland
 Germany GER  Germany
 Great Britain  GBR  Great Britain
 Hungary  HUN  Hungry
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 Ireland  IRL  Ireland
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Netherlands NED (The) Netherlands
 Norway  NOR  Norway
 Poland  POL  Poland
 Russia  RUS  Russia
 USA  USA  United States of America

Only 1.5 days to go before the 1st World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying starts

Steve Bramfitt
Only 1.5 days before one of the most exciting new FAI/IPC competition disciplines takes to the skies above Netheravon.

Saturday 23rd May 2015

This weekend is available for training jumps for those competitors who arrive early - and that opportunity is being taken advantage of alongside the normal weekend operation at this Drop Zone.

Blue skies, warm sunshine and low winds - just perfect conditions.  The organisation is geared up for the competition -  the Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday, 25th May at 17.00 hrs. waiting to emplane


60 competitors from 20 countries representing 5 Continental regions will take part:  58 male and 2 female (at the last count).

But the maths get even more interesting when you look at the new records that will be set.  Starting with a totally clean sheet the competitors  have the ability to establish:

6 Competition World Records and 4 Performance World Records

21 Continental Competition Records and 16 Performance Records

On top of those each top individual competitor per Nation, male and female, will be able to set National Records for both Competition (3) and Performance (2)

Giving a total of 145 (at the moment) possible records - would that be a record in itself?

The Chief Judge, Randy Connell, is already preparing for the paperwork involved from the Judges point of view, and plans, if there is a weather hold, to brief competitors on what they need to do file a record and as always we urge NACs to deal with any record claim they receive promptly in their interaction with the FAI.

The Army Parachute Association at Netheravon, England, is well prepared for the competition.  On top of this web site, the organisation's web site www.netheravon.com/wswc2015 will carry news and information throughout the competition we also believe that SKYDIVE TV may be there to bring us on-line images, interviews - check them out on www.skydive-tv.com.

What a way to start the summer of World Cups and European Championships!

Wingsuit Performance Flying - Countdown started - 25th May 2015 Netheravon, UK - Bulletin 2 now published


The 1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying will take place at Netheravon, UK on 25th to 29th May 2015.

This new discipline and the event were approved at the IPC Plenary meeting held in Bulgaria last month.

The First Bulletin will be posted soon - you will find the bid under the Agenda items for the Plenary, follow the Meetings tab above to locate it.

The Rules for this event are now published on this web-site under:  http://www.fai.org/downloads/ipc/wingsuit_performance_flying_competition_rules_2015

and the Bulletin 1 is now published - follow this link..

and the Registration Document  and Bulletin 2 is now published (4.5.15)







A Series of Fruitful Meetings Ahead of the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015

2015 04 UAE Dubai ED meeting 094As the 200-day mark to the FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015 approaches, everyone, from the Event Organisers to the Executive Board, the FAI Head Office, the Air Sports Commissions and experts, is in full action to make the event a huge success. A series of meetings took place recently which brought together key personalities from the FAI community and the Event Organising Committee.


1st World Indoor Skydiving Championships, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 October, 2015

Prague 2015 logo

The First Bulletin is now published and available on this site under Events Calendar 



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10th EC & 11th WC Artistic Events, 13th EC & 20th WC in Formation Skydiving, & 1st EC & 2nd WC in Speed Skydiving Teuge, Netherlands 7-12 September 2015

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8th EC & 5th Junior EC in F Style & Accuracy Landing, Eden, Montana, Bulgaria, 22-29 August 2015

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8th World Cup & 4th European Cup in Canopy Piloting, Farnham, Canada, 23-29 August 2015

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Judges FAI Training Courses during 2015

on-line courseIf you follow the menu tab above "about us" - "Judges"  "Judges Training Course" you will find details of the Official FAI Judges Training Courses organised, so far, for 2015, including courses being run by CISM to which prospective FAI Judges are invited) and the course will be arranged to cover both ratings.

Style & Accuracy - 6-16 May,  CISM

Formation Skydiving - 6 -16 May, CISM

Wingsuit Performance Flying - 26-29 May, Netheravon, UK

Canopy Piloting, 20 May - 07 June, Brazil


Full details of the courses                             CISM Invitation

2015 FCE's selected Judges Panels

Judges working the course- Klatovy 2011 copy

There follows links to the Judges' Panels which have been selected for the Canopy Piloting European Championships and World Cup in Canada, August 2015 :  the European Championships in both Junior and Senior events of Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing competitions in Bulgaria, August 2015 and now for the World Air Games, Dubai, December 2015 - the Accuracy Landing panel.

CP Judges' Panel

S&A Judges' Panel

WAG - Accuracy Landing Judges' Panel

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