August 1st, Monday, Saarlouis, European Championships & World Cups, 2011

1st morning - quiet before the startAt 8.00 am the drop zone was quiet in anticipation of the arrival of the balance of the teams today. By 9.00 am the first aircraft was in the air, with teams practicing. The sun came out and the forecast is for a good day.

Brit Chicks dirtdiving







August 1st - Team arrival day (for those that have not been training here) and official practice jumps - suddenly the Drop Zone is alive and the sun is shining!

Are we the first? asks the Brit all girls 8-way team - no Passion8 (USA) were in Portugal World Cup 1998 - were the Japaneese 8-way all girls?  Who can remember in the early 1990's?

The Italian Freefly team Somain have had to withdraw from the competition due to a landing injury. We wish the injured jumper a good recovery.

The practice jumps continue, quite slowly for eager judging panels - who should make the most of the quiet time - tomorrow it is rumoured wheels off at 8.00! Public draw will take place at 17.00 this evening, on the big stage. Just been confirmed, 1st call 7.40 am wheels off at 8.00 for the start of the 4-Way open and female competition. 1st call for VFS and Artistic Events 11.40 - wheels off at 12.00 and 8-Way first call at 12.20, wheels off at 12.40.